VUCA Environments and Psychological Safety – Dr. Jemma King

How does our emotional intelligence help us navigate through group life to become a formidable fighting force? Here, Dr Jemma King and LTCOL Sam Padman discuss how emotional intelligent leaders use their intelligence to communicate, listen and cooperate to create effective and robust teams.

On this episode of the Australian Army Leadership Program podcast series, LTCOL Sam Padman is joined by his first non-uniformed guest, Dr. Jemma King, to discuss the need for leaders to be emotionally intelligent (EI).

Dr. Jemma King is the founder of BioPsychAnalytics; a company specializing in advanced human performance optimization. Dr. King has been a consultant to Defence, the AIS, the Olympic swim team and is a research fellow at UQ and a lecturer to Sydney Uni’s MBA program.

Their discussion focuses on EI leaders and their ability to understand themselves and the needs and wants of their people with this concept having its roots as far back as the cave man. The following topics will be discussed in greater detail:

  • Understanding the neurobiology of effective teaming
  • Establishing rapid trust and rapport and psychological safety
  • Managing stress as a team in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments
  • What prohibits team cohesion and
  • The top 5 factors to increase inter-team effectiveness.