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BioPsychAnaltyics is an Australian based company that has developed scientifically validated methodologies to reduce stress, burnout, and improve behavioral outcomes in high-performing individuals and organisations. Our system addresses the interplay between performance and key hormones such as cortisol, the immune function marker IgA, testosterone, and oxytocin.

BioPsychAnaltyics utilises biometric capture devices for use in a variety of applied settings, point of care and in-field settings. This technology can be used to ascertain the effectiveness of existing training programs and individual readiness for work / activity. Whether it be the sports world giving immediate information to athletes, coaches and sports scientists about the physiological state and endocrine profiles of individuals or the corporate world where the human resource is their number one investment. The use of these physiological measures is effective way of obtaining objective scientific data, and circumventing the problems typically associated with self-report measures particularly in high-octane environments where there is a reluctance or inability to disclose one’s psychophysiological state.

Our team team also provides psychological and behavioural intervention training that is specifically tailored and informed by the individuals’ personal endocrine data. We can effectively monitor the efficacy of the training, and through an iterative process adjust training to optimise individual performance.

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